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5 Best Front-End Frameworks of 2022

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In this digital world, for every business User Interface is the number one priority. Front-end technologies like Front-end Frameworks have pushed the achievement of all software applications. Backend technologies are important, but the frontend is the basic output that users will encounter and appreciate first. The front-end development is what users will encounter and experience first.  With immense development in technology, there are several front-end frameworks available that developers can work with. In this blog, we will discuss the front-end frameworks to learn to keep future scope in mind.


React is a well-known front-end JavaScript library for developing user interfaces and related components. It is one of the simplest frameworks to learn and was developed at Facebook to fix code maintainability issues due to the constant addition of features in the app. React is an open-source framework and stands out because of its virtual Document Object Model (DOM), which offers exceptional functionality.


Angular is the best frontend framework that dominates the list of web frontend frameworks. Angular is the framework based on TypeScript to bridge the gap between the increasing demands of technology and conventional concepts that showed results. It is a component-based framework for developing scalable applications and offers a set of tools for developers to use to create, build, test, and modify code, and a collection of well-integrated libraries. 


jQuery is the oldest framework available and is still popular and the best framework among developers.  jQuery is a small, fast, feature-rich and one of the best frontend javascript frameworks library and a cross-platform library intended to make client-side HTML scripting easier.   jQuery is browser-friendly, used to manipulate CSS and DOM and to optimize the functionality and interactivity of a website. 


Backbone is one of the easiest frameworks out there, it allows you to develop single-page applications swiftly. Backbone is a framework which is based on the MVC architecture.  It is a well-known JavaScript library that provides web applications with proper structure by providing models with customised events and major key-value binding. It has libraries of enriched APIs that include functions, declarative event handling, and views. 

Vue js

Vue is one of the most popular front-end frameworks nowadays and is good at removing the complexities that Angular developers face. It is a straightforward component-based framework for single-page application development. Vue is versatile, and it helps for building from web applications and mobile apps to progressive web applications, Vue can handle both simple and dynamic processes with ease.


These are some of the recommendations for the best frontend frameworks ranging from developing large-scale projects to MVPs. There are plenty of options to choose the best frontend frameworks, you may be indecisive about the technology.  In this blog, we only cover the top five most popular front-end frameworks and hope you have more valuable information and may choose the best option for you to delve deeper into. We would recommend you choose the frontend framework by taking advice from your most senior frontend developer who can gauge the pros and cons. Hepto Technologies has a team of highly equipped UI/UX designers and developers having experience in the on-demand app domain developing scalable and prominent solutions in React Native, iOS, and Android (Native platforms) of different complexities.

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