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Standing out of the many OTT app solutions provider, we are sought after for creative ideas and strategic development expertise focusing on enhanced viewer experience and delivering solutions that are unique and add value to your business. Hepto helps you for a video streaming startup with new video ideas to reach a wider audience with our top-notch OTT platform development and ensure consistent growth as well as high turnout in revenue.

We stand as the best OTT app development service provider by providing a cutting-edge live streaming viewer experience, and seamless audio and video messaging feature-rich OTT App developed by our experts.
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Hepto's OTT App Excellence

As a high-end OTT platform development company, we help you with state of art live streaming experience by building custom OTT platforms that meet your business needs
A World-Class OTT App

To Grow Your Audience & Revenue

We are the outstanding OTT app development company that offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist you to manage, deliver, monetize your OTT content, and ensure buffer-free streaming delivery that renders an exceptional experience to the customers.
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World-Class OTT App

A Feature-Rich OTT Platform

We specialize in building feature-rich, highly manageable, and fully customizable OTT Apps that work on various platforms and viewing environments that boost viewer engagement

We offer customized, robust OTT live streaming that upholds a powerful admin panel that lets the admin for superior control over user account, content, and interface. The admin can manage OTT app functionality with its everlasting growth seamlessly all-in-one live dashboard.

We ensure that everything is going smoothly and to know exact view counts, subscribers, etc and enhance UX with new features too to analyze your OTT app performance through reviews and ratings, revenue flow conversion rates, number of users, number of downloads, etc. The admin can set push notifications, schedule the users for upcoming events, and send notifications to the users who are either watching the videos related to it or have the particular show marked as a favorite.

We offer easy registration and login to users using an email id, social media account, or phone number along with the secure password restoration functionality. Allows the user to manage features, notifications, email configuration, security, and privacy through account settings.

A user profile allows different members and also have their own personalized app experience with a single account. The user profile information about the user activities like recently viewed episodes, their favorites have a facility for parental control with a child lock. The Users can sort content by as well as search for content using keywords, using the search and filter functionality and facility to leave comments on the content allows the audience and set push notifications on their favorite

We build user-friendly and also Our OTT apps enable videos, categories, and users management by the admins easily and the users access free-to-watch content which is then monetized through video advertising.

We allow the users to select a movie, TV series, or web series of their choice and view it at any given time, and to do it is either plug in your device of user choice who has a paid subscription access to streaming video content. In our OTT App, the admin can categorize the Video content that can be viewed across any device, including computers, mobile devices, televisions, over-the-top devices, and more to make a user-friendly environment on the OTT platform.

We build the OTT apps convenience and an ad-free experience while watching movies, TV shows, and other content, and also allow users to enroll in monthly or yearly membership or subscriptions.

We offer the freedom to the users to make payments in a hassle-free manner to use the in-app payment gateway for digital goods and services like most OTT Platforms build subscription plans for users and also the users can choose the desired option for paying bills by selecting amongst the various payment options available. We allow multiple payment gateways for a large number of users to subscribe feasibly and through this multi-payment gateway, the admin can get an excellent trigger for higher revenue.

We allow this feature, the admin can simply analyze their app’s performance through the generated report of the app and the real-time user analytics fetches reports on concurrent users, real-time stats, and the total number of users.

We allow the admin to get the real-time statistics in the form of reports, and dashboards on the admin panel. The admin can get information on the live shows being run at a certain point in time and the retention numbers and strategize plans and market their content accordingly. The admin can get the user analytics containing tracking of data such as the number of visitors, bounce rate, average time spent on the video content, etc, and video analytics tracks, as well as the ad analytics, keeps a track of the number of clicks per ad, and errors encountered.

Access On Any Device

Hepto enables the video content with absolute creativity and users can watch their favorite videos on desired screens.
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Boost Your Revenue

Customization & Ideation

We develop OTT platforms with high-end customizable features that provide a user-friendly experience to grow business revenue-driven and make sure that your OTT app is ready to be integrated with services to meet the market standards.
Elegant Designs Make Attractive Brand

UI/UX Design

We give the best shot to enhance intuitive, human-centric, elegant UI/UX designs that bring seamless content streaming so that the users can have the best viewing experience without any interruptions and cater to an engaging experience.
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Feature-rich OTT App

Build Your Own OTT Platform Development

We build a highly scalable and robust OTT platform development that is custom and bespoke to ensure the optimization of the performance of the smooth OTT streaming apps as per our client requirements offers a seamless experience to users.

Outstanding Features of Hepto's OTT

Hepto is trusted globally for our unique, highly-scalable OTT Applications loaded with outstanding features and functionalities that render an exceptional experience to the customers.
Features of Hepto's OTT
User Profile

Allow the users to fill in their details and the users can add and change their content preference details based on interest.

Features of Hepto's OTT

Offer the search or filter their desired videos by building OTT apps with genre options and accessing the content they like.

Features of Hepto's OTT
Wish List

The most significant trait of our OTT streaming app which lets the users add their favorite videos on the list for later watch.

Features of Hepto's OTT - Social Features
Social Features

The users can handle social media to share their viewpoints and feedback that makes other users watch the video content.

Features of Hepto's OTT - Screen Mirroring
Screen Mirroring

The users can choose to watch their favorite videos and shows on desired platforms like TV, desktop, or any other screen.

Features of Hepto's OTT - Reviews & Ratings
Reviews & Ratings

Allowing users to review and rate the app individually helps the admin to get required feedback and enhance app performance.